Hamptons Newborn Easter Basket

Hampton was 2 months old during Easter. Did I know what to get a 2-month year old? No. I barely know how to be a mom. (Kidding, kind of ...but if you know you know) I thought it would be cute to go ahead and get his personalized Easter basket - this way he would have it from day one. At first, I thought - he doesn't need a stink'n basket. He won't remember this ... but then it dawned on me... it would be sweet for him to have his very own basket from the start. 
Oh boy. Then your brain gets churning... ok?! So ...How long will he have this basket? How big should it be? I didn't want to get him something super baby in case he wants it when he's a little older too. I went the classy route. I really like the material and monogram stitching of the one I found here on Esty. (No this isn't sponsored) It's just the one I liked!
Alright. I bought the Easter basket but now what do I put into the Easter basket for this tiny babe? I knew I didn’t want to go over board and I wanted practical gifts. I thought oh gosh, do I need to buy him an outfit too? Well… I knew he’d immediately grow out of that so I bought him a monogrammed bib instead. (linked below)
Easter Basket ideas for babies 6 months and under
I quickly went to work and found these little cuties on Amazon to fill the Easter basket. I'll link them here so you can take a look! (not sponsored, just adore these) 
His "magazine" as we call it - can be found here.This baby age LOVES black and white toys. He will smile and stare at this for a long time- just like the ceiling fan. If you have a baby under 6 months, I highly recommend it! You'll see their face light up, it's bizarre how much they like it. 
 A couple of these bunny pajamas - They are so cute and affordable.
 Paci - These are a fan favorite 
Crinkle book- He grabs this now and likes that it makes a sound! 
Bibs- he goes through 15 a day! So much spit up and drool. 
Noodle and Boo bath wash but we typically use Cerave Baby.
Rattle - this thing was cheap, so I got it! It's colorful and does the job.