Creating a Cozy Nursery for Our Precious Three-Month-Old Bundle of Joy, Hampton: A Personalized Journey

Welcoming our little bundle of joy, Hampton, into our lives has been an indescribable joy. As new parents, we embarked on a mission to create a cozy and personalized nursery that would be a haven for Hampton. Join me in his nursery! We will explore the vibrant peel and stick wallpaper, adorable outfits featuring Hampton's nicknames, a customized embroidered pillow with his name, convenient clear bookshelves, and a unique baby shower idea. Read on to discover how we crafted a nurturing environment filled with color and joy for Hampton.

Here is a breakdown of everything you've asked about in this photo! 

The Vibrant Peel and Stick Wallpaper: Here is the dog print peel and stick wallpaper we used. Trust me, it's high end and not like transparent, cheaper types.

Adorable Outfits Featuring Hampton's Nicknames: I found this one off of Etsy. I thought it would be great to capture his nicknames in a picture so I can remember them down memory lane. 

Customized Embroidered Pillow with Hampton's Name: 

Ok, this is a classic! Who doesn't want a pillow with their kid's name on it? I looked a long time before deciding on this one, but I kept coming back to this same version. 

Convenient Clear Bookshelves: This is a good look! Especially when you have busy wallpaper and don't want to crowd the room with extra bulk on the wall- I knew the transparent bookshelves were just what I needed. 

Books from a Unique Baby Shower Idea: My husband picked this one out. Have you seen the inside of this one? It's pretty hilarious- for each letter there is a corresponding designer shoe brand. For example, "A is for Airmax". This would be a cool gift to give at a baby shower!