Bri Kel - Who's that?

Why the name Bri Kel?
Bri Kel started in 2010 as a small hand crafted ring business when I was in college. It started over Christmas break when my sister and I sat down to play around with a few wire and beads.

We quickly became thrilled with the outcome and decided we wanted to start a little brand.

I'm Brittany and my sister is Kelli you know. That's where Bri Kel came from! Bri Kel was a vendor in a few shops around the eastern part of North Carolina.  

What about this online store?

I went to college for an Interior Design/Merchandising degree. I knew I wanted to own my own business but had little experience. This is still a learning process for me.

The steps I've taken over the past few years while maintaining a full time job.

I saved my money to buy a nice camera for my website pictures

I eventually bought a new computer to make my life easier

I've watched numerous videos on where and how to start 

I spent months picking out the perfect products that I would buy myself

Followed the trend in the fashion world 

I've taken photography lessons so I could take my own pictures for the website

I constantly network with other bloggers 


now... wowzers. I recently quit my full time job to make this dream come alive. 

My hope is to share with the world the love I have for design and fashion.

I want to inspire everyone to chase their dreams - and have them understand it takes hard work and persistence ...if you believe it will happen... and you constantly take steps to get there... YOU WILL!


I can't wait to hear how your experience was with my new store. 

Hopefully you love these products as much as I do!


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